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10 Best Deer Hunting Accessories 2018

Posted by George on

Last season you hunted down just the right bow. And years ago you discovered the ideal deer hunting spot (shhh don’t tell anyone). But did you pack any of these deer hunting accessories for your next hunt? Locating just the right accessory can be tricky. We talked to hunters in the know and did the research for you to create the perfect list of the top 10 deer hunting accessories for 2018. Whether you need a new hunting camera, deer call, hunting suit or crossbow scope, we have the accessory for you. Total greenhorn or seasoned hunter, you have come to the right place.

Check out the best deer hunting accessories that will make hunting day a success.

1. Tactacam 4.0 Bow Hunting Action Camera

Tactacam 4.0 Bow Hunting Action Camera

You’ve bagged your prize buck. Now you’re itching to relive the experience over and over and tell the tale to all of your hunting buddies.With the Tactacam 4.0 Bow Camera, you can do even better than telling stories - you can show them the HD video and share your hunt.“This is a production level camera, built for filming at distance, that’s simple enough for the common man to use and enjoy,” said Tactacam’s Scotty Wales.The Tactacam 4.0 attaches to your bow for a great first person point of view, capturing exactly what you are seeing (no fisheye lens like some other hunting cameras). This is the first Point of View Camera designed with a 60-degree Field Of View, so you can actually see what you are filming past 20 yards, making this the ultimate Deer Hunting Accessory.Add in the top quality 360-degree microphone, and you will be able to clearly see and hear your hunt from 50-60 yards away, or more.Start and stop recording with just one button.The 5X Zoom, 2.7k HD Video and low light sensor will give you incredible footage of your hunt every time.Best feature of all?The 4.0 has a Wifi signal so it will connect to the Tactacam App on your phone, where you can turn the camera on and off, view photos and videos and transfer them to your phone for easy sharing.

2. Team Fitzgerald Deer Dander Scent Spray

Deer Dander Cover Scent and Attractant

You prepare for your big hunting trip.You grab your bow, quiver, arrows, jacket, pants, boots and everything else.Well, don’t forget this little bottle of Deer Dander Cover Scent and Attractant on your next hunt. Instead of eliminating your human scent, the Team Fitzgerald Deer Dander disguises your human scent and makes you smell like the deer you are hunting. There is no better cover for your hunt, and it will actually work to attract deer to your location.Just spray some on your jacket, pants, boots, gloves, bow, treestand, blind, and any trees or branches and brush around your blind. This will work in any state, on any type of deer, including Whitetail, Blacktail, Mule Deer and more. Say hello to your new Deer Hunting Secret Weapon and never worry about wind direction again.

3. Tight Spot 5 Arrow Quiver Black Right Hand

Tight Spot 5 Arrow Quiver Black Right Hand

You’ve experimented with lots of quivers over the years, but never quite found the right one.Some quivers just don’t fit snugly onto your bow, which can affect the accuracy of your shot.Others just aren’t constructed with quality material, so they can wear out fast and barely hold your arrows.The Tight Spot 5 Arrow Quiver is specifically designed to fit tight to your bow, minimizing torque and reducing vibration.“The patented mounting system allows you to move the quiver in laterally by sliding the quiver in tight to the bow on a dovetail mounting bracket,” said Tight Spot President Joe Jacks. “This allows for a real tight fit by placing the quiver behind the arrow rest so you can get the quiver all the way up against the cable guard. This reduces the accuracy-robbing lateral torque that you get with most other quivers.” It will mount to any bow you have, and fit any size arrows easily. The extra-deep hood is made of a super strong polymer that will fully cover and protect all of your sharp broadheads, and the Tight Spot patented adjustable gripper system will hold your arrows tightly every time. Worried about busting your quiver? With the Tight Spot Iron Clad Guarantee, Tight Spot will replace or repair any broken quiver anytime. You probably won't need it, but it's good to know it's there just in case. Available in Matte Black, Black Crimson, Carbon Weave, Mossy Oak Break-up Country, Lost Camo, Lost Camo XD, and Realtree Xtra Brown, all in either Right or Left Hand.

4. Illusion Extinguisher Camo Deer Call

Illusion Extinguisher Camo Deer Call

Longing for a trophy Buck this season?Packing a great Deer Call never hurt. Bring the deer to you this season with the Extinguisher Deer Call, which can reproduce the full range of whitetail deer vocalizations. Due to its Modislide System, this is the only deer call that can sound like a Buck, a Doe, or a Fawn at a moment's notice. By gliding up and down the reed assembly, the Modislide provides a wide range of tone and volume that other calls cannot match. It’s pretty easy to get the hang of it, but make sure you spend the time to watch the included hour long instructional DVD with Olympic Gold medalist Rod White. Full of amazing footage and information, this DVD will teach you how to call deer with the best of them.This guy really knows his stuff.

5. Shelter-Pro 3D Leafy Bugmaster 2 Piece Suit

3D Leafy Bugmaster Suit

The bugs ate you alive last deer season. Get yourself a legit Bug Suit this year, and don’t be that guy.The 3D Leafy Bugmaster Suit, made by Shelter-Pro, is the perfect Deer Hunting Accessory.It has Bug Blocking No-See-Um mesh construction over the entire suit, along with a Patented Visor Pro head cover with adjustable face screen attached to the suit. Sit for hours and never have to worry about mosquitoes or any other kind of bug in your mug again.Covered with 3D leaf cut strips, you will also blend in so well that animals will walk right by you (or on top of you!) and never know you are there. This Suit also has convenient chest and pants pockets for extra storage for your gear. Available in Mossy Oak Obsession in either size Large/XL or 2X/3X.

6. HECS Base Layer Pants & Shirt Green Large

HECS Base Layer Pants & Shirt Green Large

Ever been in just the right spot, upwind and totally silent, and that darn deer turns his head and looks right at you somehow, before quickly running away?It just might be that that the deer was picking up on your own electrical energy emissions. “Every time a muscle moves, or a heart beats, it creates a small electrical current,” said HECS President Mike Slinkard.“Many hunters don’t realize that their bodies produce significant low frequency electrical fields that travel distance. Many animals, birds and fish use these emissions to identify a living being from an inanimate object.” In order to combat this, HECS developed a HECS Base Layer Pants & Shirt with a unique conductive carbon grid woven into the material that effectively blocks these emissions. “The result is closer and longer animal encounters, which for hunters equates to better shot opportunities and more hunting success,” said Mike.The HECS (Human Energy Conceal Suit) is made of a lightweight combo of Polyester, Carbon Yarn and Spandex that is machine washable. The HECS Base Layer set consists of Pants and a Shirt that has a stretchy feel to it and is slightly heavier than the original HECS suit.The HECS Base Layer won’t make you invisible, but pretty close.

7. Hawke 1.5-5x32 SR IR Crossbow Vari-Speed Scope

Hawke 1.5-5x32 SR IR Crossbow Vari-Speed Scope

Sometimes you position yourself in the perfect Deer Hunting spot, but you just don’t have the right scope on your Crossbow to get the job done. The Hawke 1.5-5x32 SR IR Scope should have you covered in almost any situation. “It was designed to specifically fit the needs of the crossbow hunter,” said Mike Kurtz, Hawke Optics Product Specialist Manager.“We have designed it to be as lightweight and compact as possible while maintaining the optical system to the be the clearest and brightest available.”Use the Crossbow Speed Selector Ring to match the Scope to any Crossbow Speed from 250 fps to 425 fps, and accurately engage your target anywhere from 20 yards to 100 yards. Best feature of all? It also has excellent illumination in either red or green light, to help in low light situations.

8. Arizona E-Z Fletch Mini Fletching Tool

Arizona E-Z Fletch Mini Fletching Tool

Often the Deer Hunting Accessory that helps you the most is the simplest.The Arizona E-Z Fletch Mini Fletching Tool is a very simple tool that will help you hunt better. It is a compact, easy to use Fletching Tool that you can use anywhere to either make or repair your arrows on the fly.It is designed to fletch any carbon or aluminum arrow from Ultra Micro diameter all the way up to 5/16″ standard diameter. The E-Z Fletch Mini puts all 3 feathers or vanes on at once and will fletch vanes or feathers up to 2.25″ long.Last but not least?This tool will apply your vanes in a "true helical" position, which will increase spin and reduce drag for maximum accuracy.

9. Trophy Ridge Static 6" Bow Stabilizer Realtree Xtra Green Camo

Trophy Ridge Static 6" Bow Stabilizer Realtree Xtra Green Camo

Remember your last hunt on that windy day, when your bow was swaying back and forth in the wind a little bit? The Trophy Ridge Static 6" Bow Stabilizer will help steady your aim.It is ultra lightweight and is specifically designed to allow air to pass through the stabilizer, which will help you hold your bow stable throughout your shot. Also, 2 small weights are included that can easily be added or removed, so that you can adjust the weight of the stabilizer as you see fit. The stabilizer weighs 6 oz. without the weights, 8 oz. with both weights on.

10. Spot Hogg Fast Eddie Long Bar w/ Single Wrap Pin .019 Left Hand Sight

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie Long Bar w/ Single Wrap Pin .019 Left Hand Sight

You’re nailing targets from 50 yards in, but you would love to hit some longer shots on a regular basis.Impress your hunting buddies with your long-range accuracy this season with the Spot Hogg Single Pin Fast Eddie XL Sight.Just follow the included instructions to sight it in, and your shots will be spot on from 75-100 yards and up.This sight is a Single Pin .019 Left Hand with a 6” dovetail sight bar.The yardage knob is large and easy to use and it is constructed of solid 6061 aluminum.

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